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How Do I Make ADO Constants Available in my ASP Code?

Published 18 years ago

If you use any ADO constant, like adOpenForwardOnly etc, ASP has to know what adOpenForwardOnly really means. There are a couple of ways to tell ASP where to look for these constants.

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How Do I Get Detailed Information About Errors in ASP or ASP.NET Pages?

Published 19 years ago

When you are trying to debug your ASP or ASP.NET pages, it's important to get detailed information about your errors. Knowing the cause of the error is often the biggest part of solving the problem.
By default, Internet Explorer will hide most of the raw error message from you, and instead will give you a “Friendly” HTTP error message. This FAQ will show you how to disable this feature so you can see the original error that the ASP run-time threw at you. This will help tremendously in debugging your ASP applications.

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