About Beginning ASP.NET Web Pages

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November 8, 2011

Mike Brind and I teamed up to write a book about WebMatrix. To be fair, Mike did most of the work on this book and I was mostly just involved behind the scenes.

Microsoft WebMatrix is designed to make developing dynamic ASP.NET web sites much easier. This complete Wrox guide shows you what it is, how it works, and how to get the best from it right away. It covers all the basic foundations and also introduces HTML, CSS, and Ajax using jQuery, giving beginning programmers a firm foundation for building dynamic web sites.

  • Examines how WebMatrix is expected to become the new recommended entry-level tool for developing web sites using ASP.NET
  • Arms beginning programmers, students, and educators with all the information they need to start developing dynamic web sites, including design tips and layout advice
  • Explains the Packages Administration tool, including how to use the Facebook Social and Web Helper packages
  • Covers working with files, images, and databases; debugging and error handling; maintaining security; and site optimization

In the tried-and-true tradition of Wrox Beginning guides, Beginning ASP.NET Web Pages with WebMatrix gives novice programmers the knowledge and confidence they need to get going.

Take a look at the book's page at Amazon, check out the book at the official Wiley site for more information, or check out the table of contents at the Wiley site.

If you have a technical question about this book, be sure to visit its forum at the Wrox web site. There's a fair chance your question has already been asked and answered. If not, send me a message through my contact page and I'll try to help you. Wrox (Wiley) shut down the forum in October 2020 and it no longer allows new signups or posts.