About Beginning Dreamweaver MX 2004

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February 2004

Todd, Charles and I teamed up again to write the successor of the popular Beginning Dreamweaver MX. The book is available in your local and on-line bookstores now.

Using fast-paced tutorials we'll walk you through building three complete Web sites: a personal cooking site to share your interests over the Web, a dynamic sports site that remembers your visitors' personal settings, and an easily configurable online catalog built from reusable components. Along the way, you'll learn all the skills that you need to work confidently with Dreamweaver MX. The tutorials, the so called Try It Out sections, will guide you step by step through a specific task. Along the way, we'll provide background information about the concepts you're working with, and we'll give you some top tips to improve your productivity with Dreamweaver. Each Try It Out is followed by a How It Works section. In these sections, we discuss the tasks, concepts and code you have seen in the tutorial, so you can see how it all fits together.

Take a look at the book's page at Amazon, check out the book at the official Wiley site for more information, or get a sample chapter (PDF) from the Wiley site.

Why Not Try Answers

Below you find a list with all the answers to the Why Not Try exercises for the middle section of the book, dealing with The Soccer Site.

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