What's on this Site

This site contains a number of different "content items". First of all, there's the Blogs section for my personal chats and opinions. I also post articles there that don't necessarily fit into one of the other categories.

The Articles section of this site contains a number of articles in a couple of sub categories, including ASP.NET 4, .NET General, TFS, Dreamweaver (MX / MX 2004 / 8) and so on. I try to add as many articles as possible, but unfortunately I don't have the time to write all the articles I would like to. If you have an article request or suggestion, please send me a message.

In the FAQs section you'll find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Here I'll add the answers of questions I regularly get or see on message boards.

The Snippets section will contain code snippets that may come in handy. There is not much room for an explanation in this category, so you'll need to know how to use the code presented there. This section mainly serves as a repository of code snippets I frequently use.

Finally, the About section (you're reading part of it now) contains information about this site and about my books. I explain how this site is set up and how you can use it. The book section lists the two books I have written, and contains a list of articles on this site related to these books.

How this Site Works

This site is split up in a few main categories, like News, Articles, and Snippets. Each main category contains a few sub categories, like ASP, ASP.NET, Dreamweaver MX and so on. Content published on this site always belongs to a specific category to make it easier to find information.
To find articles in a specific category, click the name of the category on the Main Menu:

On the Main Menu, click one of the tabs to open that category.

You'll get a list of the content items published in the category you have chosen (News, in the example above). To limit the list of articles, select one of the sub categories from the Sub Menu:

On the Sub Menu, click one of the categories to display the content in that sub category.

Details Sections

On the Side Bar for a category, you'll see a Details section. This area contains information about the category you have chosen:

Detailed information about the News section.

You'll see the name of the (sub) category, the number of items that are published in this category, and the date the last article was published and updated (only shown if applicable).

As soon as you click the Title of an item or the Read On... link below a content item, you'll be taken to the details page where you can read the entire article, or see the FAQ, snippet, and so on. This details page has its own Details section, providing you with information about the item:

Detailed information about a single article on the site.

You can see the item's QuickDocId and find out who wrote the article, when it was created (and updated, if applicable) and the number of times the item has been viewed. If you have a relatively modern browser, you'll also see a Print this Page link that allows you to print the item without the Site Bar and the details items.

Tell Me What You Think!

Below the Details section, you'll find a box where you can rate the item. A bar graph shows how other visitors have voted for this article (hover your mouse over a bar to see the percentage for each number). Click one of the radio buttons to cast your vote. 1 means the article sucks, 5 means you really like it.

See how other people rated this article, or vote for the article yourself.


The QuickDocId allows you to find an article on this site as quickly as possible. Just enter the QuickDocId and hit the Go button.

Enter the QuickDocId of an article and hit the Go button.

You'll be taken to the requested article in the correct category of the site. The QuickDocId is useful if you have just a printed copy of the article with its QuickDocId and want to view it again on the Web site. The QuickDocId also allows me to shuffle stuff around on my site without breaking links to articles. You can also refer to an article, using the QuickDocId page, like this: http://Imar.Spaanjaars.com/161/howto-create-a-hit-counter-using-the-globalasa-file. Just passing the number as the first part of the URL should do the trick, optionally followed by the article's title.

Quick Search

Quick Search allows you to search for items on this site. It uses the Google AJAX Search API to search for content within my web site only so you can use all the familiar Google search key words to search this site.

Enter one or more search terms and hit the Go button.