7 Signs You Are Addicted to CodeRush and Refactor!

I am a big fan of CodeRush and Refactor! from DevExpress and have been one for quite some time. In my office we jokingly refer to CodeRush and Refactor as the "arrow guy" as my colleagues initially just saw a bunch of arrows pointing to code in my code editor when I gave a first demo of the product. But, obviously, the products do a lot more. They really make me more productive in writing .NET code. But better yet, they help me write good, optimized and organized code. Features like renaming code elements, renaming files to match the type they contain, optimizing namespaces, extracting methods and the many new refactorings that come with the new "Code Issues" feature are huge time savers. Recently I installed the latest version that comes with DXperience 9.1.3. This release includes many cool new refactorings and new features in Code Issues that help you optimize your code with a single click. I can really recommend downloading a trial version and see for yourself if you haven't already done so.

But lately I am wondering if I am not just a fan, but addicted to the products instead. I witnessed the following signs of addiction while working with computer programs in general:

  1. I press Alt+Home in Microsoft Excel to drop a marker before I move around in my spread sheet.
  2. I press Ctrl+~ in Microsoft Word and look for the Extract Text refactoring to move a specific piece of text to a different part of the document or even to a separate document.
  3. I select a piece of text in Dreamweaver then press Ctrl+~ in the hope that the Rename option pops up that allows me to change that piece of text throughout the document (respecting scope of course, not just a blunt Find and Replace).
  4. I press Ctrl+~ on an image in Microsoft Powerpoint and then look for the Insert Caption option.
  5. I press Shift+D to duplicate a line in Notepad.
  6. I press Ctrl+~ in Paint .NET in the hopes to find the Move Selection to File option so I can move a selected range of pixels to a new file.
  7. I press Ctrl+~ in SQL Server Management Studio to rename a table or column, relying on the fact that all references (like those in triggers and stored procedures) are updated automatically for me.

So Mark, when will you create versions of CodeRush and Refactor! for these programs?

Are you already a user of Code Rush or Refactor! What features do you try to use on other programs only to find out they don't work? Use the Talk Back feature below to let the world know about your addiction... ;-)

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