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Before you create an account, please read the section "Why Do You Need To Sign Up to Imar.Spaanjaars.Com?" at the bottom of this page. If you don't know me personally, there is no point in signing up for this site.

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Why Do You Need To Sign Up to Imar.Spaanjaars.Com?

To be honest?? You don't, if you don't know me personally. Currently there is no additional benefit in having an account on this site. In fact, there's a fair chance I disable your new account directly after you create it because it doesn't have any use to you. However, if I know you personally, I'll approve the account and give you access to features like the photo albums. In the future, I may add features just aimed at readers of my books, or allow you to login to personalize the content you see. Or allow just registered members to vote. Or allow you to post comments on articles that appear on this site. Or.., no wait, I am sure you get the idea.

In the mean time, the Login feature allows me to publish content on this site though a Web interface. Since the entire site is database driven, I have created a Web interface that allows me to create new and maintain existing content through a browser. Because I don't want just anybody to be able to get into my Admin section, I created a protection mechanism to keep unauthenticated visitors out.

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The e-mail address you need to provide is used as your login name for this site. It will never be sold or given away for any purpose to anyone. You can use your e-mail address in combination with your password to gain access to protected sections of this site. Your name is optional and is only used for personalization purposes.